Journal Articles

A Population on the Brink: American Renters, Emergency Savings, and Financial Fragility

Poverty & Public Policy, 2016
West and Mottola

Comparing Military and Civilian Household Finances: Descriptive Evidence from Recent Surveys

Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2016

Americans’ Troubling Financial Capabilities: A Profile of Pre-Retirees

Public Policy & Aging Report, 26(1), 2016
Lusardi and de Bassa Scheresberg

Financial Adviser Users and Financial Literacy

Financial Services Review, 25, 2016
Balasubramnian and Brisker

The Effects of Perceived and Actual Financial Literacy on Financial Behaviors

Economic Inquiry, 54(1), 2016
Allgood and Walstad

Age Differences in Consumer Financial Capability

International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39(4), 2015
Xiao, Chen and Sun

Financial Education is not Enough: Millennials May Need Financial Capability to Demonstrate Healthier Financial Behaviors

Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 2015
Friedline and West

Why State and Federal Officials Should Consider Offering Financial Literacy Training to Those About to Be Released from Correctional Institutions

International Journal of Financial Research 6(4), 2015

The Association of Alternative Financial Services Usage and Financial Access: Evidence from the National Financial Capability Study

Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 2015
Birkenmaier and Fu

What Do Subjective Assessments of Financial Well-Being Reflect?

Journal of Personal Finance, 14(2), 2015
Sass, Belbase, Cooperrider and Ramos-Mercado

Gauging the Financial Capability of Americans

Business Economics, 50, 2015
Johnson and Lamdin

Investor Sophistication and Target-Date Fund Investing

Journal of Retirement, 2(4), 22-29, February 2015
Guillemette, Martin and Gibson

Financial Adviser Background Checks

Financial Services Review, 23, 2014
Balasubramnian, Brisker and Gradisher

Financial Literacy, Financial Education, and Economic Outcomes

Annual Review of Economics, 5, 2013
Hastings, Madrian and Skimmyhorn

Prohibitions, Price Caps, and Disclosures: A Look at State Policies and Alternative Financial Product Use

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Volume 95, November 2013
McKernan, Ratcliffe and Kuehn

Financial literacy: A Comparative Study Across Four Countries

International Journal of Consumer Studies, Volume 37, Issue 6, pages 689–705, November 2013
Gianni Nicolini, Brenda J. Cude and Swarn Chatterjee

Consumer Financial Capability and Financial Satisfaction

Social Indicators Research, Volume 113, No. 3, September 2013
Jing Jian Xiao, Cheng Chen & Fuzhong Chen

In Our Best Interest: Women, Financial Literacy, and Credit Card Behavior

Numeracy, Volume 6(2), 2013

Financial Literacy and Credit Card Behaviors: A Cross-Sectional Analysis by Age

Numeracy, Volume 6(2), 2013
Allgood and Walstad

Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior among Young Adults: Evidence and Implications

Numeracy, Volume 6(2), 2013
de Bassa Scheresberg

Financial Advice: What about Low-Income Consumers?

Journal of Personal Finance, 2012
Lachance and Tang

The Demand for Financial Professionals' Advice: The Role of Financial Knowledge, Satisfaction, and Confidence

Financial Services Review, Volume 21(4), 2012
Robb, Babiarz and Woodyard

Financial Advice and Trust

Financial Services Review, Volume 21, 2012
Lachance and Tang

Financial Advice: A Substitute for Financial Literacy?

Financial Services Review, 21, 2012

The Financial Knowledge Scale: An Application of Item Response Theory to the Assessment of Financial Literacy

Journal of Consumer Affairs, Volume 46(3), 2012
Knoll and Houts

Financial Literacy Around the World: An Overview

Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, Volume 10(4), 2011
Lusardi and Mitchell

Financial Knowledge and Best Practice Behavior

Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, Volume 22(1), 2011
Robb and Woodyard

Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning in the United States

Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, Volume 10(4), 2011
Lusardi and Mitchell

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