Research Papers

Financial Capability of Adults with Disabilities | View Paper

National Disability Institute, 2017
Goodman, O'Day and Morris

The Financial Welfare of Military Veterans: Descriptive Evidence from a National Survey | View Paper

Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis, Department of Social Sciences, United States Military Academy, 2017

The National Financial Capability Study: Empirical Findings from the American Life Panel Survey | View Paper

University of Southern California Dornsrife Center for Economic and Social Research and George Washington University Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, 2016
Angrisani, Kapteyn and Lusardi

How Do New Yorkers Perceive Their Financial Security? | View Paper

Urban Institute, 2015
Ratcliffe, McKernan, Kalish and Martin

Financial Literacy and Mortgage Credit: Evidence from the Recent Mortgage Crisis | View Paper

SSRN, 2015
An, Bostic and Yao

Parenthood and Financial Satisfaction of Military Families | View Paper

AFCPE Proceedings, 2015
Francis and Xiao

Depositor Runs and Financial Literacy | View Paper

Case Western Reserve University, 2015

Financial and Social Savvy Amongst Earned Income Tax Eligible Households: The Influence and Importance of Social Knowledge, Program Participation and Financial capability in Household Wealth-Building Behaviors | View Paper

Indiana University, 2015

Building a Financial Literacy Score—An Exploratory Factor Analysis | View Paper

Indiana University, 2015

Financial Literacy and the Use of Interest-Only Mortgages | View Paper

Proceedings HERA Conference, 2015
Preece, Schink, Le, Seay

Gen Y Personal Finances: A Crisis of Confidence and Capability | View Paper

Filene, 2015
Scheresberg and Lusardi

How Financially Literate Are Women? An Overview and New Insights | View Paper

SSRN, 2014
Bucher-Koenen, Lusardi, Alessie and Rooij

Financial Education is Not Enough: Millennials May Need Financial Capability for Healthy Financial Behaviors | View Paper

AEDI Working Paper 02-15
Friedline and West

What Do Subjective Assessments of Financial Well-Being Reflect? | View Paper

CRR Working Paper 2015-3
Sass, Belbase, Cooperrider and Ramos-Mercado

Older Adult Debt and Financial Frailty | View Paper

Working Paper, WP 2013-291
Lusardi and Mitchell

Good Advice, Good Outcomes? How Financial Advice-Seeking Relates to Self-Perceived Financial Well-Being | View Paper

SSRN, 2013
Schmeiser and Hogarth

Financial Literacy and the High Cost of Borrowing in the United States | View Paper

NBER Working Paper No. 18969
Lusardi and Carlo de Bassa Scheresberg

Financial Knowledge and the Gender Gap | View Paper

The Journal of Financial Therapy, Volume 3, Issue 1 (2012)
Woodyard and Robb

Financial Advice: A Substitute for Financial Literacy? | View Paper

Social Science Research Network, 2012

How Do Financial Literacy and Financial Behavior Vary by State? View Paper

SSRN, 2011

Americans’ Financial Capability | View Paper

NBER, 2011

The Geography of Financial Literacy | View Paper

RAND Working Paper, 2011
Bumcrot, Lin and Lusardi

Financial Capability in the United States: Consumer Decision-Making and the Role of Social Security | View Paper

Working Paper, WP 2010-226

A Review of Financial Advice Models and the Take-Up of Financial Advice | View Paper

Center for Financial Security, 2010

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